Meditation for parenting & education: Monthly Guided Sessions

Homeschooling, to us, is a way of life centered on spiritual practice. At the core of it is MEDITATION – which is, the observation and contemplation of life with its ups and downs, fears and worries, ignorance and delusions. True education needs to deal with the MIND and HEART. Intellect alone is gravely insufficient although many would want to believe that it is!
We are now conducting MONTHLY GUIDED session on the FIRST SATURDAYS OF EACH MONTH (10.30am – 12.oopm)
Next session will be on MAY 7, 2011

(source: Earth Kids)

Venue: CLIC, Kota Kemuning              (26, 3rd flr, Jalan R31/R, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam) [Map to CLiC HERE]

Charges: Donations/Pay as you please

Actual sitting will only be about 20-minutes, some walking, quiet and discussions and networking opportunities

To confirm your participation please click HERE for form.  For more information, please email us

Although meditation may not necessarily sound like something that you should be teaching your child, it is actually a great tool for your child to have, especially since it offers a lot of different benefits. Here are some of the benefits that your child will be able to get from meditation.

Stress Reliever, Improves Memory, Improves Focus, Improves Imagination, Improves Relationship With Friends
Build Stronger Family Relationship,

Join us for a workshop on meditation….

Please note the following:

1. This is a workshop for parents and educators, we will organize a separate one for children at a separate time.

2. While the practices are derived from the Indian and Buddhist traditions, this workshop is non-religious.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you

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