How to expose children to living skills?

How to expose children to living skills?

First, get rid of the maid!

Get kids to do their own laundry – wash, hang, bring in, fold, keep!

Cook simple meals: basic like eggy bread (french toast), sandwiches, noodles, pasta, rice, salad.

And oh yes, cleaning up their mess!

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2 Responses to How to expose children to living skills?

  1. Yes, I really agree with you. We are spoiling our kids when our maid is doing all the works. Since we started our homeschooling, our kids have lots of time helping the house chores. They are learning something very valuable in life that is not to be selfish, always think about others and love others more. Before this, they are really busy with their never ending schoolworks and school activities. They know nothing out side of their school life. What a waste.

  2. Abel Cheng says:

    Can’t agree more. The more we want to do things on behalf of the child, the more they depend on others. And the less independent he is. Start allocating small tasks to young children to teach them value of independence.

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