How to get kids to eat their vegetables?

How to get kids to eat their vegetables?

(has this anything to do with homeschooling? everything if you appreciate holistic education!)

First, get rid of meat from the menu. Then there are no other choices other than colorful, yummy veggies:)

Adults need to eat their vegetables too – do not expect your kids to eat their veggies if you yourself shun them!

Adopt healthy lifestyle and enjoy being healthy. Kids will learn to make healthy choices naturally!

Enjoy your mealtime. Lighten up your meal time by making an excuse for fun and family time, make food secondary. Take the stress away from food & eating, it’s okay just to just be and eat. Eating good food stressfully may not be a good idea too. Bring some fun, occasionally, to the meal table and enjoy the company.

Whatever it is, with good communication, understanding and love – things can change for the better.


Share with us your experience, if you have any?

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1 Response to How to get kids to eat their vegetables?

  1. Abel Cheng says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    What a coincidence! I just shared with my readers recently that we have changed our family diet to a healthy one. If you like, here is the article:

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