Is College an Invaluable Waste of Time?

Interesting discussions on the meaning, purpose and most importantly – value of college. Students pass in front of Harvard's Widener Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts

(CNN) — Is college an invaluable waste of time? You bet. But it’s about to get even more valuable.It’s great to see capable people debating the value of higher education. Earlier this month, Dale Stephens, a 19-year-old entrepreneur who has won a $100,000 Thiel Fellowship, wrote that “College is a waste of time.” One can argue that Dale is too young — and too extraordinarily intelligent — to be a good judge of the value of college to the average person. But if students like Dale, the kind that the best schools want to attract, are dissatisfied, that can’t be good. Anyhow, Dale’s description of college as a place of conformity, competition and regurgitation strikes an uneasy chord with some of us older, more-ordinary folk.

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