July 9, 2011 – great learning opportunity!

On 9 July, KV walked at the BERSIH 2.0 rally in KL. Witnessed Malaysian from all walks of life come together for a better Malaysia. Some braved teargas & brutal forces of the police, yet stood their ground. Lot’s of stories for the children and hopefully they learn that it is important to make a stand and that what we do counts for to make our country & world a better place.

It’s a great opportunity to talk to our kids about history and social justice & civil rights. When our kids asked why the police was firing at civilians, we could not just give them a one-line answer. They need to understand what democracy is and how each country struggles to reach its ideals. They need to know the power struggles that happen within a democracy and see for themselves the potency of people power. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the history of other countries like India, where Mahatma Gandhi led his country in peaceful protests for freedom. Sadly, it also ended with a lot of bloodshed before India finally gained independence from the British.

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