A to Z of Homeschooling: L is for Learning Mind

There is so much to learn these days that to attempt to learn them all would be quite futile. More important than trying to learn everything is to adopt a LEARNING MIND. A learning mind is a mind that is curious and inquisitive, constantly seeking new answers to problems old and new, and progressively evolving with age and new experiences. A learning mind is an open mind that is receptive to new or different ideas and beliefs.

the sky is the limit if we learn to learn (pix by vidyananda)

How do we develop the learning mind? Well, I think we are all born with a learning mind. We just need to observe how babies learn: by observing and imitating and attempting to do what the “big people” do, like standing upright and walking so effortlessly, putting yummy foods (which tastes far better than milk!) into the mouth, making sounds that mean something, and so on and so forth. There are so many things to figure out for a baby but as the baby grows, she learns to figure them out by herself. But we adults seem to think we have to teach the baby everything! How delusional that kind of thinking is!

What we parents really need to do, and do well, is to allow this natural learning mind to exist and to grow naturally. We infuse the environment with LOVE and respect and the fertility of such an environment will spur the healthy growth of our plants of life! In the mean time, we tend to them with care by giving them what they need to grow: air, water and sunshine. And lots of LOVE!

How do we love? We show love via body, speech and mind. Our body language expresses how we feel. A daily exercise of abundant hugs and kisses is recommended. Our communication with one another is a vital link to a healthy relationship. Learning to speak with gentle respectfulness is an art that we all need to practise to perfection. Because through speech, we can communicate what is going on in our minds. And the development of our minds is the most neglected part of learning in a world that is too transfixed on the development of the brain. For they are two very different things.

At the end of the day, no matter how we plan our lives or live our lives, we need to learn how to be happy. If we were to pursue happiness as a science, humanity may be better off for it. Are we truly happy as a parent, a career person, an individual? Are our children truly happy with their childhood – an inescapable passage towards adulthood that either promises a life of possibilities, or an existence of doom.

There is too much to learn in this world! But if we allow our children to choose the path of learning that is true to themselves, we are letting them live out their life destinies.

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