What did Harry Potter learn at Hogwarts?

This afternoon our son came up to us and declared that he wanted to go study at Hogwarts.

Our answer was, “why not?” There are so many thing to learn.

When we read this article, we were amazed – so, we might just give up homeschooling and enroll him into Hogwarts. Here’s some learning opportuities there:

The opportunities for experiential learning are legion, and we know from research that that’s the way kids learn best, especially in science. Care of Magical Creatures for third-year students is a multi-disciplinary course (that wraps in veterinary medicine, biology, etc.).

The arts aren’t ignored at Hogwarts, and as for physical exercise, well, the kids get plenty of exercise simply by walking from class to class up and down the staircases in the enormous castle.

If Arithmancy seems like a silly fortune-telling class, remember that it involves complex numbers charts and was Hermione’s favorite. Since Hermione is a brain, the course must have offered some real intellectual challenge.

A Hogwarts experience offers students a chance to really build their character in a way that traditional character education programs — with their themes of the week — don’t. Students ponder whether they should join the dark forces that want to destroy the civilized world, or fight for what’s right. That’s real character building.

Read on to find out more!


Anyone knows where the Hogwarts admission office is?

We did try Platform 8 3/4     9 3/4, but no luck there

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4 Responses to What did Harry Potter learn at Hogwarts?

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. I think it’s 9 and 3/4 lah – no wonder cannot find!

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