A – Z of Homeschooling: M is for movies, magic and music.

M is for movies, magic and music.

Our kids are movie buffs, thanks to their dad.

There is much to learn from good movies as it is a form of story-telling that is visually and mentally engaging. The process of movie-making can be a fascinating subject to learn and to explore. When Arian watches the Harry Potter series, he takes in the dialogues, the plots, the spells and the music. Learning the dialogue improves his language skills as well as increases his vocabulary. He learned words like diagonally, prophecy, phoenix, philosopher.

Memorizing the spells improves his memory faculty. He knows Pp every single spell in the books! So do beware – you do not want to be in the way of his spell-binding magic, especially now that he has in his possession, a real Harry Potter wand, all the way from London of course! He also knows the music score quite intimately – he would tinkle on the piano the themes of the movie and he can hum the tunes of the various scenes!

Because of his fascination with the Harry Potter series, I have recently started reading aloud to him, JK Rowling s Harry Potter books, which he enjoys as much as the movies because there are much more details in the books compared to the movies. These read aloud sessions often end up with him having animated discussions about scenes from the movie and this adds to our enjoyment of the book. So next time when your child wants to watch a movie, don’t just watch it passively, do it with as much active participation possible – explore the story, the characters, the actions, the music….let your child take the fantasy and imagination to even greater heights! You will never view movies in the same light ever again!

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