Ticket to Nashville

Ever since Amrita discovered Miley Ray CyrusTaylor Swift’s (eventually a host other musicians)  music at age 12, she was hooked on country music.

Amrita Soon

She started learning the guitar (daddy taught her the only 3 chords that he knew – the rest, she figured them out herself with the help of YouTube!).  She spent hours in her room, practising and singing, and soon, she also started writing songs, a collection of a hundred of them which she had kept secret from us for a long time, until one day, she posted one on YouTube.

We were shocked when she told us that it was her original! We had no idea that she could write songs. And slowly, very gradually, over a period of 2 years or so, she let us listen to a couple more of her originals. What can we say? They are GOOD!!! Absolutely original. Not superficial. Very mature for her age. And that’s we think, we have to attribute it to the freedom we gave her, to learn at her own pleasure, whatever that interests her, at her own time, at her own will.

And she chose to spend the bulk of it on music and that is fine by us. Most kids who want to pursue music would take the classical music route and enter a music college to pursue it. Amrita chooses to take a different route – she wants to pursue a career in singing and song-writing – country pop to be more specific.

She is planning to go to Nashville in 2012 for the CMA festival where she hopes to further her skills in this area.
This is an exploratory trip for her to open her eyes and ears to the pulse and beat of the American country music. What better age to do it than at 16? She has time and youth on her side. She will work for the money to go. She has it all planned! A good friend remarked that he admired Amrita’s courage in having such a big dream. We, her parents, admire her for her courage and determination in PURSUING that dream. “If I don’t get to realize my dream, at least, I would have experienced something that not many people would have gone through, and that would have been enough for me!”

That’s our daughter!

Please read her blog and give her your full support!

Thank you 🙂

Wai Keng & K V

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