8 Things to do on Earth Hour

(and for other hours as well, why stop there?).

Let’s begin with what NOT to do. Caring for our environment is not about having parties and shopping or excuse to malls. It is not an excuse for malls to make it a marketing event to drive “shopping traffic”.  I wonder the additional power generated to power the concerts and events actually negate the savings.  If the malls are truly concerned and interested, just announce and “switch off”. No need for parties.

We believe that having LIFESTYLE of simplicity and balance is critical to help save our environment.

If we have convinced you  not to go to malls, here are 8 things you can do (be patient and scroll down, tell us more if you have.)

[all pictures from CLiC activities]

Earth Hour Activity 1: Read Dr Seuss' The Lorax under the candle light.

Earth Hour activity 2: Use the bike instead of the car.

Earth Hour activity 3: Hug a tree to show your love and appreciation for the tree's contribution to life.

Earth Hour activity 4: Hang out at the park instead of at the mall.

Earth Hour activity 5: Bring out your guitar and sing some songs.

Earth Hour activity 6: Invite friends over to have some simple fun.

Earth Hour activity 7: Toast some marshmallows the old fashioned way - stick & fire.

Earth Hour Activity 8: Just sit and do nothing 🙂

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