The Best Schools in the World

The best schools in the world should be free because education should not come with a price tag!


And the best curriculum should teach children as well as adults the meaning of friendship, happiness and inclusiveness. Life values should be inculcated naturally in one’s daily lives. Learning is not dissected or isolated into neatly packaged grouping called ‘subjects’ and children are not used as ‘testing subjects’ like laboratory mice! Because they are humans with feelings, hopes and dreams.

We are there to help them make sense of their less than perfect world and to find a deep purpose for their place in this world. We are not there to mould them into whatever form we want them to become. Because they are their own creators. Not us.

So love all children unconditionally and the world will be filled with happy and fulfilled individuals striving to build a better world! This is the solution to solve many of the world’s self-inflicted problems – by educating people through their hearts of love, empathy and compassion, not with more hate, anger or delusion!

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