Pertinent questions on homeschooling

Here is a refresher……. for those who have decided to walk the path of homeschooling

Home learning…….

1. How do we start?

Adopt a learning mind – a mind that questions, a mind that investigates, a mind that wonders and imagines ……….

Avoid a negative mind – a mind that is fearful, a mind that is closed, a mind that is rigid……

Learn about learning – how children learn, how learning styles determines learning outcomes, the role of creative play, the real meaning of multiple intelligences, the importance of emotional intelligence………..

Explore learning approaches – unschooling, community learning initiative, online learning ….

Understanding your child – personality, learning styles, interests and talents ……..

Understanding yourself – personality, learning styles, interests and talents ………

Starting/joining a learning group – the what, how, where and when?

2. What do we do?

Discuss and brainstorm ideas – ask yourselves what you can contribute for an activity or activities in terms of ideas, materials and conducting them.

Discuss with the children what they would like to do and learn – this is important in gauging their interests and receptivity towards learning.

Have a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities as well as visits to places of interests like the science center, the forest reserves, the sports clubs, etc……

3. How do we do it?

By consulting with your family and the families in your group – using the consensus method.

By trial and error, experiment, and adopting the never-try-never-know attitude!

By learning from the mistakes you will make and experimenting with new ways and approaches.

By learning from the success stories of others as well as their mistakes.

4. Where do we start?

From your homes. At the park. At the public facilities like libraries, science centers, municipal council sports field, forest reserves, etc…. Use your community resources to the fullest!

5. How do I stay the course?

By having faith in the way. By trusting yourself. By trusting your child. Learning is not confined to childhood.

Learning is lifelong.

So you are in it for life!

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