“I am a vege-Arian!”


Arian has been saying that he wants to be a vegetarian. It is hardly surprising since his sister is one. And so is his dad. But I was not convinced, not because I doubted his sincerity but because it could well be a passing phase, like his obsession with certain toys at a certain age. But what he said this morning over breakfast really hit me.

“I want to be a vegetarian because
I don’t want animals to die because of me.
It’s not about us. It is all about them!
I see the chickens and ducks
hanging from the hooks at the shops,
and I don’t feel like eating them.
They shouldn’t have to die because of us.”

(I know it is hard to believe that an eight-year-old uttered these words and actually mean them, but it is absolutely true!)

I was stunned by his clarity of thought. But I tested him further:

“What if you feel like eating meat once in a while? Would you allow yourself to eat them?”

“I will never want to eat meat again. I just want to eat vegetables and cheese, and yoghurt with fruits and cereals!”

Sounds so healthy!

If we start them young by living a healthy lifestyle and internalizing good values, our kids will turn out more sensitized to the world around them, and are more aware of the merits and consequences of their actions to their environment.

This is the result of our family lifestyle that promotes healthy and happy living!

And it is never too late to start.

So, have a tofu burger or yoghurt instead? You will have a guilt-free experience of having saved an animal, perhaps!


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2 Responses to “I am a vege-Arian!”

  1. alohamolly says:

    very good point! 😉

    from a vegetarian@heart & action

  2. Kevin Low says:

    Arrgghhh! But imagine all those fake animals dying to give us the fake meats for our vegetarian dishes!!! 😀 Well done CWL & SKV. Frankly, I think the other guy was just envious that you have managed to do so much for your kids while he…welll, you know….and I’ll leave it at that. I wish my kids have such clarity about their diets rather than the latest pc games and anime…

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