An awesome day of play!

After watching the video on Caine’s Cardboard Arcade, we were inspired to do something similar here, to let the children come up with their own game designs and to build them using cardboard and tape. So we signed up for the Global Day of Play, and hosted the event here in Malaysia, joining many more groups from the US and around the world, on Oct 6, 2012, to do what children the world over do best – PLAY!

With about 15 cardboard games designed and built by the kids, and 15 families coming together to play, it was an awesome day indeed! The kids managed the whole event themselves, from selling the tokens, to manning the game stalls, to giving out sticker prizes! Needless to say, the stall manned by 9-year-old Zhang En, who had the foresight of giving out stickers as prizes, had the longest line of eager players! Well done, girl! But even the simplest game, made with love, managed to attract eager customers. Another girl, D.J. was worried that no one would play her game because she thought it was too simple. But her worry was unfounded because the younger kids absolutely loved her game, and kept on coming back for more!

A mother came with her 7-year-old son, diagnosed as a slow learner, and learnt that her son’s inability to read and write well should not be viewed as a handicap. By letting him learn through play, just like all these other kids, he will derive greater benefits from it than having to force him to read and write at this point. A 17-year old was happy that he finally made something with his hands – he had always been told that such activity was a waste of time! But these are the stuff that gives satisfaction and builds confidence in the children. They are definitely not a waste of time! Having to write hundreds of meaningless lines is!

So at the end of the day, everyone was happy and completely satisfied because everyone had a really good time! Even grandpa came to have a go at the games! And Sam was happy because her marshmallows sold like hot cakes! Oh, and talking about hot cakes, Am’s Barbie doll cake was the star attraction at lunch time – it was a birthday celebration for three girls: Francesca who turned 9, Rosella who turned 5, and Ci-En (our youngest student) who turned 2! They were all crowned as princesses by auntie Aileen who personally handcrafted them!

The funds collected on that day will be channelled to Caine’s college fund as well as Clic’s fund. A big thank you to all who came and made this a day to remember!

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