The importance of doing Art

If we were to be asked what is the most important subject a child should indulge in, the answer would be “Art!” Why?

Because it is an activity by humans since the Stone Age that gives pleasure, release of creativity and relief from life’s stresses.

Because anyone can do it! Even cats, dogs, chimps and elephants!

Because the process of making art actualizes the self. The absence of art is the absence of self!

Because where art is absent, love is absent.

Because it tames the raging mind.

Because art is life, and life is art!

Because in doing art, it teaches us about life –

– that nothing remains the same – it is constantly changing, evolving, transforming;

– that not everything goes according to our plans ( we may start out trying to draw a flower but ends up with a dinosaur!)

– that we need to make decisions, no matter how big or how small, no matter if it’s red, blue or yellow – just decide and get on with life!

– that it is ok to make mistakes – we have the power to turn it into something else by a stroke of a brush or a change in our mindset.

– that all our life’s meaning is found within the moment we are one with our art.

– that in life, we have to find our own art, because only in finding it and making it and having a relationship with it, can we finally find our true selves!

Have you found your art?

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