Happy New Year 2013

We wish our readers
Happy 2013!
Don’t worry.
Be happy!
is not the absence of
It’s a state of mind
in spite of it.
Being mindful
Of our states of mind –
Be it happy or unhappy
Fearful or worried,
Angry or agitated….
is the start to
It is the seed of change,
The eye of presence,
The awareness of self,
The realization of the illusion
That binds us to our pains.
Our destination
Will not be painless.
But journeying there
With heart-filled faith
Will render the fearful fearless
And the doubtful doubtless.
For the new year
May you have renewed faith
To continue on your journey
To the many destinations
You will forever cherish.
Peace and
Joy to the world!
Wai Leng, K V, Amrita, Samanta & Arian
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