Tomorrow will not end in sorrow!

The day is done, the battle is over,
the winners are announced, the losers named…But who are the real winners?

Who are the real losers?

The winners are….

Not the big cheats who broke all the rules & regulations,
Who have no guts or substance to fight a fair fight,
Not the hooligans who spew hate and violence
To intimidate those who choose love and peace,
And certainly not the big fat self-proclaimed “saviours”
Who came to “save” the poor rakyat by throwing them
The left-over chicken feed from the big fat feedlot
That they originally stole from in the first place….
For these are really the real losers!°
These are the cowards who know they can’t win
without cheating!

The real winners are……

Those who fought brave and hard
Against the dark forces of greed, hatred and delusion!
The real winners are the simple folks who rose above themselves
To fight the battle of their lives knowing fair well that it wouldn’t be fair.
The real winners are the common-folks who had, for a very long time,
Cowered under a blanket of fear and hopelessness,
Who now emerged with renewed faith in themselves
And reunited with their fellow citizens of all ranks and races
to fight the battle of their lives for the future of their country.
These are the heroes our country so desperately needs!

To these valiant comrades, we salute you!
The battle is not over, the fight is not lost.
For you have succeeded in penetrating the strong fortress
Of absolute power that absolutely corrupts!
Which, with your continued chipping with small chisels and sore hands,
Will soon collapse in its own rubble of doom!
Keep on knocking, keep on hacking, keep on chipping!
And the ugly fortress will come down soon.
If not today, then tomorrow.
And tomorrow will not end in sorrow!

Picture by Amrita Soon
Learning Beyond Schooling

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