Amrita’s FIRST professional song

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to you and your family!

I am happy to announce that Amrita’s first professionally recorded song will be released on February 25th, 2014!  Her song entitled “Goodbye” was written exclusively for Rock for Ronan – a musical compilation compiled to benefit the Ronan Thompson Foundation. ALL sales from the cd and online downloads will go directly to the foundation to continue research and support of childhood cancers.

Do support, pre-order a copy HERE.

(listen up at 1:40)

Why this is important?

 Every 3 minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer, that adds up to approximately 175,000 children per year worldwide. Even worse cancer kills more children than any other disease. More than Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes and Pediatric AIDS combined. Sadly, pediatric cancers receive the LEAST funding of any types of cancer, with less than 5% of the federal governments total research funds going towards it.

 The Ronan Thompson Foundation raises funds for research that will find new and innovative ways to treat neuroblastoma, and ultimately, find a cure for this disease. They want to create a World Class Neuroblastoma Research and Care Center. They are out to make this world so much better for these kids and families with the best doctors, research, treatment, love and support. Donations to The Ronan Thompson Foundation fund the nation’s top oncologists to perform ground-breaking clinical trials in the search for a cure for pediatric cancer.

Amrita’s thoughts

 “To be honest, I didn’t know much about paediatric cancer much before hearing Taylor Swift’s song ‘Ronan’. That song made me want to find out more and it made me want to help too. I was quite oblivious to all of this but as I researched further, I was devastated by what I was reading. These children suffer so much, fight so hard and sometimes they win, but a lot of the time they loose their lives. Neuroblastoma, which is the cancer of the specialised nerve cells are usually diagnosed in children under the age of 5. Can you imagine being so young and having to face something so terrible? I have never cried so much for people I have never even met.

Read on at Amrita’s Blog: Strumming on Sparkly Dreams

Amrita (picture:

We are happy to see the heart drives the music. Well done Am! I think this is a great start for the path of your music – by doing good!

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