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Teenager and unschooler, Amrita Soon, signs contract with producer Abraham Tee of Plan A Studio!

When Abraham Tee first heard Amrita sing at a Chinese Open Mic event in Ara Damansara last year, he was immediately captivated by her sweet voice and her originality in song-writing. His invitation to her to visit his studio in Kota Damansara, subsequently led to the recording of Amrita’s single, “Goodbye” which she had specially penned for the Nashville-initiated fun-raiser, “Rock for Ronan” compilation album, to help fund children’s cancer research to find a cure for paediatric cancer.

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From that successful collaboration, they are now set to do her first EP to be released some time this year. And on 16th January 2014, the deal was signed between the two of them in the presence of her mother, Chong Wai Leng. It was a simple and quiet affair, but for Amrita, a very significant one, as this is the first step towards a professional career in singing and song-writing. Admittedly, it is not safest or most predictable career choice, but being safe and predictable is the last thing that she is after! She would have chosen to go to college for that. But instead, she chooses to put college on hold, to do something totally unpredictable, because this is what her heart tells her to do.

“My grandmother (mom’s mom) told me that music can’t help people. Like a typical Asian parent/grandparent, she told me that I should be a doctor or a teacher. …….what she doesn’t understand is that music does and can indeed help people. It helped me. Writing songs helped me get out of my own head and let me say what I wanted to say. This project (Rock for Ronan) is allowing me to go beyond my own feelings and stories and letting me extend it out to hopefully help. Even if it’s just a little”.

She began writing songs at the age of 12 after teaching herself how to play the guitar. And she has the full support of her parents because as homeschooling advocates, they fully understand the power of dreams and how dreams power passion!

So go chase your dreams, girl, with your songs!

Her optimism for life is evident in
most of her music videos. Her video “Finding My Way in the World” expresses her keen observations and her love of her family.

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