Strumming on sparkly dreams in Nashville

Coming to Nashville and playing for a Western audience on the same level as other young singer-songwriters here takes a lot of guts. But this girl from Malaysia (no one asks where that is now, thanks to CNN) takes the bull by its horn and displays her unique songs to the silent awe of the attentive audience everywhere she plays. The difference with the audience here is that they take songwriters very seriously and they listen respectfully to every note and every word. It doesn’t matter that you are not well-known. What matters is that you don’t suck!

So here are some guidelines if your child wants to be good in the international arena:

1. Don’t suck – Be very good at what you do! Learn the required skills and gain invaluable experience by working hard and working smart.

2. Choose something that compliments your ability – unless you are born with Olympic body and speed for sports, it is wiser to choose something that works for you. A singer-songwriter needs a good voice and a good command of the language, and good musical sense. Acquire these!

3. Find your tribe – A tribe is a group of persons with the same interest and passion. Amrita had to fly across the globe to find her tribe here. People who are just like her, who thinks like her and even behaves like her! This is so important to validate one’s passion and to ensure that one sticks to the path less trodden.

Here’s Amrita’s account on what she has done so far in the Music City 🙂 This trip would not have been possible without the warm support of all of you! For that, we thank you 🙂

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