The demise and resurrection of Play

When the simple act of physical play is virtually eradicated and replaced by digital devices, it is the start of the sad and abrupt demise of childhood. In this day and age, children have to be taught how to play! How sad.

3 things that kids ought to be allowed to do to preserve their childhood for life:

1. Allow them to make things -This develops their self-confidence and promotes a positive mindset that “Everything is possible!”

2. Allow them to IMAGINE – “When you can imagine it, you can create it!” (Albert Einstein)

3. Allow them to be enterprising – To be enterprising is to work with little or nothing and to create something big out of it through innovative thinking and sheer perseverance.

(Wands made by the boys, trained and conceptualized by their mentor, who shall not be named!)

Check out their FB Page: Uka Wands and place your order for your wand with them!

The girls have a project too! It’s called the Meila Stones & Bake project, where stones are hand-drawn with pictures that can be used to tell stories with. They love to bake too! Hence its inclusion to the project 🙂




Check out their project on FB: Meila Stones & Bake and order your stones & cookies with them!

Here’s an article on why playful learning leads to future prosperity.

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