‘Cosby Show’ turns 30, here’s show’s best parenting advice

If you have not heard of the Cosby Show, you really really ought to search for the series and watch every single episode with the intensity of an enthusiastic intern! Because this is the best parenting series that’s ever been produced! (In our humble opinion). They are celebrating its 30th anniversary this month and in many ways, we feel that we have incorporated much of the family values and parenting approaches from the series with our own family.

Cast of the “Cosby Show”

Here’s some of the highlights of the shows

1. Be creative, and use humor
It’s many a “Cosby” fan’s favorite episode. Cliff orchestrates a house-wide lesson about the real world, enlisting the entire family to show Theo what it’d be like to be out on his own. Cliff plays a potential landlord, Clair a waitress, Vanessa and Denise employees as a modeling agency where Theo wants to work, and best of all, little Rudy is the apartment-building owner and bank-loan officer. (Cliff to Theo: “She owns this building, but she drinks heavily.”)


2. Don’t sugarcoat the truth

In one of the earliest indicators that the Cosbys were not typical sitcom parents, Theo brought home a bad report card and gave Cliff a maudlin speech about how his parents should accept him anyway, “just because I’m your son.” In an old-school sitcom, that’d end in tears and a hug. On “Cosby,” Cliff waited a perfect beat before exploding with “Theo, that’s the DUMBEST thing I ever heard in my life!”

Read and watch the rest of the show HERE    (http://www.today.com/parents/cosby-show-turns-30-heres-shows-best-parenting-advice-2D80159917?cid=sm_t_main_1_20140920_32000406 )


Here’s something…….


locally inspired Cosby wannabes 🙂

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