Amrita Soon – from clueless teen to singer-songwriter

Launch of Amrita's CD

Like most little girls, all Amrita had wanted to be was a ballerina. Together with her younger sister Sam, they sang and danced all day and everyday and that was very much their childhood. One day, little Sam declared that she wanted to be a singer when she grew up. And she wanted Jie Jie to be a singer too. But Jie Jie was worried that her voice was not good enough. She related her concern to her mother, and her mother told her: “Keep on singing and one day your voice will be beautiful!”

And that was exactly what she did. She kept on practicing in her room, with her guitar,  which she picked up very much on her own and even learned to write her own songs. But none of these really meant anything more than a good hobby.

Until her songs started to get noticed by artistes and songwriters locally as well as from abroad through singing competitions and writing workshops (she raised her own funds for her Nashville trip this summer and spent two months there in Music City improving her songwriting craft). Her song “Goodbye” was selected to be included in the Rock for Ronan project to raise funds for paediatric cancer research in the U.S.

And now, the moment she has been working hard all these months for – the launch of her first studio-produced album is finally ready! The defining moment for her as a singer-songwriter will be evident for all to hear.

We are proud and excited to announce that Amrita’s first album “Clues” will be launched on:
Do join us at her launch party where she and her friends will be performing their songs!
Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there!
Wai Leng & KV Soon
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