The Spontaneous Cooks & Random Bakers

Ok this is a random post on cooking. Here’s a confession. I enjoy cooking. Some of the time. I’m not the cook-every-meal-kind-of-mom. I’m a cook-by-inspiration-kind-of-spontaneous mom! And luckily my kids are not the “But-we-need-you-to-cook-everyday!” kind of kids. So that’s a great relief! To my kids, eating is but an irritating diversion from the things they are busy with. So to plan ahead on what to eat is truly alien to them and whenever grandma (por por) asks them what they wanted to eat for lunch or dinner or breakfast the next day, they could never answer her!

So a simple sandwich or some fruits and cereal will do for a quick meal!

Nothing is simpler and healthier than throwing leafs and cut fruits into a salad bowl and having them with your favorite salad dressing! Or if you run out of dressing, you can just eat them undressed 🙂

This week is pancake week for us. Don’t ask me how it got started but we did have pancakes for breakfast and lunch today and the kids couldn’t stop making them. And when they stopped, I started! So here are some variety of shapes made by Sam:

And here’s my savory pancakes for lunch!

It’s our day off today (Monday) After weeks of madness we finally have a day where we could do nothing. But we chose to do baking instead! Because we felt like it. And because it’s been ages since we baked. So here they are!

Good old-fashioned Rock Cakes with apricots! They are done without measuring because we could not find our kitchen scale. And I hate to measure anything. So it’s down to a practice that even world-famous chef had to learn when they come to Malaysia – the art of “agak-agak”.

Amrita made Belgium chocolate chip cookies with a recipe taken from YouTube (where else?)….

And Sam made sushi with recipes from a book she recently bought.

Learning to cook couldn’t have been easier these days. You can learn practically anything at the touch of a screen. You don’t need to go to cooking school to learn how to cook!

And that goes with learning a million other things as well!

Be spontaneous. Be random!

Life will be more interesting this way.

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