Important Homeschool Survey

Dear Parent (or someday parent),

We invite and encourage you to participate in some very important research related to homeschooling (or home education).

The purpose of this international research initiative is to identify, understand, and compare barriers that parents face in choosing to home educate their children.

Results of this study will be used to help equip parents to make more informed decisions in the education of their children, and to propose solutions for removing barriers to homeschooling.

Get started now. [ link this to ]

Dr. Brian D. Ray is internationally known for his research on homeschooling. He is trusted by the global homeschool community and he is the investigator for this project.

All data will be confidentially analyzed. All results will be presented in an anonymous way. You will receive a free summary of the research results if you want one.

We urge you to help us with this internationally important project. Start here:


Learning Beyond Schooling

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