Happy 2016!!! Check out our awesome activities for you!


What an awesome way to start the new year with – a maker fest for kids by kids! Do come have some awesome educational fun with some really fascinating stuff on display! Here are some highlights:

Name of Booth: MHSN Minecraft
Name of Participants: Adam Alimi, Nur Rahmah and friends

Description of Display: Booth and Symposium on playing Minecraft, the MHSN Minecraft server and Minecraft related arts and crafts

Describe your maker journey: Alimi and Nur have been playing Minecraft for almost 2 years and now they run a server where homeschooling kids can play and build together.
Along with the booth, Alimi, Nur and their friends will be holding a symposium where they will be presenting short talks about command blocks, redstone, building, tutorials and all sorts of things Minecraft.

Name of booth: Rainbow Loom Minecrafting
Name of participant: Evan Au-Yong
Description of display: Crafting Minecraft using Rainbow Loom
Description of maker journey:
Evan loves Rainbow Loom and Minecraft. Ever since he got his hands on the Alpha Loom kit almost half a year ago, he has made and designed Minecraft charms for play and display.

Name of booth: Trash To Treasure
Name of participants: Alyssa, Adlina and Adry
Description of display: A collection of toys and new creations made from recycle/everyday items
Description of maker journey: We just love to repurpose everyday items into new useful stuffs. Hope our ideas can inspire others to relook and think before they trash anything!

Name of booth: Anime
Name of participant: Awwal
Description of display: Japanese Anime drawings and some creations from paper clay.
Describe your maker journey: Awwal (8yo) started to sketch consistently a couple of years ago and had taken a keen interest in Japanese Anime recently. Besides sketching, she loves to mold clay into miniature stuff/figures.

Name of Booth – Clic Makers
Name of participants: The Clic Kids
Description of display: Handmade wands
Description of maker journey – the kids have been making these wands for about one year now – selling them online & at art markets in KL. Check some of their creations at FB Uka Wands!

Fruit piano – using Aduino software to create musical notes from fruits!

Come & Play like a maestro!

Name of Booth: The Art of Paper Quilling
Participants: Svara Narasiah and Honey Moser
Description: turning strips of paper into designs, frames, magnets, and even jewelry!
Maker Journey: Honey (mom) has been paper quilling since she was 10 years old and learned from library books. Svara (age 8) has been watching and learning along with mom since she was a toddler. Now she can make all sorts of fun designs and loves making up new ones!

Name of Booth : JeweLab
Name of Participant :Julianne & her sidekick Joy
Description of Display : bracelets and earrings
Describe your maker journey : Julianne is a crafty 11 yr old. Likes making crafty stuff. Jewellery-making and sewing are her current passion. She’s made lots of Jewellery as Christmas presents last year and is trying to improve her sewing skills.

Do share with your friends! We hope to see you there!

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