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We have reached a stage where the early years of home-educators have graduated and found promising employment, (some have even gotten married!) and the younger adventurous ones are jumping onboard in droves.

Come and see for yourselves the success stories of those who had embarked on the journey of growing without schooling!

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2 Responses to Growing Without Schooling – An Education Forum

  1. Maria Cross says:

    Hi,   Can you tell me more about this education forum, please?Sounds interesting. I work with many, many children from 9 years to 16 years who are either dyslexic or with some learning disability.  You do have some alternative or additional  interesting program that can be shared? Do let me know as it  is of interest to me because of the children i work with. However, most of them i work with are from the poorer sectors in the lower income bracket.  Maria Cross

    • LearningBeyondSchooling says:

      Dear Maria,

      Thank you for your comment! The Growing Without Schooling forum is about how parents can take education and customize or individualize it with each child to maximize the learning according to his or her interest and abilities. Various sharing sessions will be held including from the learners themselves.

      We understand that there is a need for children with special needs to be able to learn this way too. We will certainly include that in our next forum!

      Regards, Wai Leng > > >

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