HS Tribe’s Art Festival

The Malaysian Homeschooling Tribe’s first ever Arts Festival is happening soon and we are pleased to announce that tickets are available online! Get yours now so you can start planning your festival and make the most out of it!

This event is not to be missed if you’re a performing arts enthusiast. Likewise if you are a budding art or food entrepreneur!

Opened to all children under the age of 18, the Arts Fest is taking place on November 6, at Pusat Kreatif Kanak-kanak Tuanku Bainun, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, from 12 noon to 4pm.

Though most of the activities offered at the 2016 Malaysian Homeschooling Tribe are catered to children, available is a parents hookup session for looking mums and dads keen connecting with other parents.

The festival’s theme, colours, was chosen to celebrate the diversity of homeschoolers. The theme is also in line with the festival’s objective which is to provide a space for kids to share and showcase their talents and interests in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Activities available at the festival are divided into two categories being visual arts and performing arts.

Parents, if you have more than one child coming, you may want to check out what’s in store and plan your activities accordingly.

Visual art activities are grouped according to age. They are:

  • Pollock paintings (six years and below). The activity will allow young children to convert their energy into art via Pollock’s action art method. Participants will be provided with canvas and paint. Facilitators will be in hand to show participants how to dribble, splash and smear colours onto hardy calico to create a one of a kind piece. You can take home your little one’s art piece to frame or sew into bags, cushion covers or whatever you fancy..

  • In mural painting (7-10 years old), each kids will take a square piece of canvas to be painted into a large mural or painting. Each participants will paint based on colour schemes, originated from an actual painting or mural. They can also embellish the painting to suit their own unique style (for instance, adding glitter or beads or other tactile objects). The square will then be assembled at the end of the day to represent a giant mural/painting. It can be temporarily displayed or break apart to take home.

  • Sculpture making (11 years old and above) Each kids will make their own odd shapes from recycled materials to study lines, forms and shapes. At the end of the day, the shapes will be connected and assembled to represent a giant sculpture.

  • Art Exhibition – Kids are invited to submit their work on stretched canvas panels to be included in our mini exhibition! Imagine the fun of having your art displayed in a gallery alongside the work of other artists. Maybe someone might even make a bid for your work?.

Performing arts activities include:

  • Solo or group performance – those keen can either sing, dance, play musical instrument perform choral speaking, whatever strike their fancy! We provide the stage so you can show us your talents!

  • Story tent by the Story Gang –Come and join the Story Tent, up in the Dome! The Story gang consists of a group of parents and children who get together every Wednesday morning for some fun learning activities. They will be weaving tales and spinning yarns in the story tent on that day! Whilst you listen to stories in the tent, the tent itself will be whispering it’s own stories from its walls. Come and listen to a story or even TELL a story and then add some of your own stories to this ongoing textile art project.

  • Costume parade – Everyone is invited to take part in the end of the day Colour Parade. Make costumes inspired by the colours of the world, bring flags to wave, come as colourful characters from fiction or simply wear your brightest clothes.

For the budding entrepreneurs, be sure you sign up for a booth so you don’t miss out on the opportunities to sell homemade craft or food; anything you produce yourselves!.

For more information,head over to https://hs-arts-festival-2016.myshopify.com/pages/frontpage

Entrance fee is RM12 per person or RM40 for a family of four.

To register for the activities, click here

(written by Norlin Wan Musa)

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