The importance of community in learning and growing

I still have strong nostalgia for those magical years of living the unschooling communal life with the families who gave their time and effort to nurture the “baby” that they created together. It was distinctly different from learning at “homeschool centres” (and ironically we were often mistaken as one) and it was also very different from the co-ops that were sprouting up in the various locations in town. What we had was a COMMUNITY of self-directed and independent learners, interacting wildly and intensively in a very regular basis, and we experimented with various ways to make learning fun and relevant, and made tons of mistakes along the way, which became valuable lessons for us. We cooked and ate together as one big family. Mainly, the kids had lots of time and space to PLAY – which was the main focus in our unschooling journey. Because playing leads to self-discovery. And our children discover their passions through baking, play-acting, dancing, music-making, drawing, story-telling, film-making and many more!

“It all began with a question – Can we start something small and intimate, loving and inclusive, happy and positive for our children to learn and to grow and to have friends to play with, that does not get put into a box to be labelled or controlled or manipulated, and that does not cost a big hole in our bank accounts?

Then that led to a visualization – a group of parents coming together as a community to have their children learn and play together in an environment of love and respect, caring and sharing, giving and forgiving, happiness and freedom……….

We threw the idea out, got some interested parents, tried out different approaches, threw out some of them, and kept those that we were most happy with, and got this!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for making our Clic adventure a happy and successful one! Without your trust, your conviction to unschooling and your commitment in making it work for your children and the rest of the unschooling community, this will never have been possible”. (From a new year post in 2014)

We could have continued on indefinitely, but that would have meant having to formalise the process, and to legalise the body, and various other formalities that we were not prepared to go through. And so, our community gradually disbanded, first with the letting go of our premises, followed by the leaving of key members that made the community a possibility.

The future now is in the hands of our children, who will go forth into the world with their hearts at the right places, to continue the journey and to write their stories for posterity.


HAPPY 2018!

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