Eat right for your heart!

I’m sharing important information here on eating right to fight the many diseases of modern living. Because this kind of knowledge is essential in keeping us healthy and disease-free, but sadly, public awareness level is still very low, despite the information explosions on the internet, and all kinds of health issues are increasingly high. Why? The answer probably lies in the foods we eat (and don’t eat), and our lifestyles that are increasingly sedentary in nature. So here is the first chapter on eating for a healthy heart ❤️

So, according to this book, and many others on healthy living, here are some common advice:

1. Avoid or cut down on meat.

2. Eat fish instead.

3. And vegetables and nuts.

4. Eat like the Japanese for good health!

5. The Mediterranean diet is highly recommended too.

6. Cut down on animal fats and take good fats like olive oil.

7. Drink sparingly if you have to. If you don’t drink, then keep it that way 🙂

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