77 Questions that could change your life!

I came across this heaven-sent book from a recent Popular Booksale in a clearance pile going for rm5 and it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read! It’s bursting with good questions directed at readers who yearn for a better quality of life, but are faced with countless obstacles. These questions make us think deeper into everyday issues which are normally unnoticed, unattended to and misunderstood.

Here’s the content page:

The good doctor, like any good doctors, begin by asking his patients (readers) a series of questions:

“What are the chances you’ve got or will get a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, headaches, arthritis, backache, or stomach trouble? What are the chances you’ve tried a lot of potential remedies for your condition – a lot of doctors, a lot of pills, a lot of treatments? And what are the chances you’re STILL suffering, and find yourself anxious about your health and your future?”

“There’s good news for you. There’s no health challenge you face that won’t get better when you ask and consider these 77 Questions for Skillful Living.”

So what are we waiting for. Dive right in!

This approach is built on 4 principles:

1. Asking the right questions

2. Identifying the right path

3. Transforming obstacles into opportunities

4. Growing with every turn

For good health is more than being free from diseases. It has to be based on wholeness and harmony of

1. Self

2. Relationships

3. Nature

4. Beyond

which have to do with

Whether we have a purpose in life

The quality of our relationships today

How in tune we are with the rhythms of nature

How we maintain our connection to life before and after us

We need to understand that what troubles us physically are linked to our troubles that are hidden psychologically in our psyche, locked away deep inside us. To understand our health, we need to understand ourselves.

We have to go beyond pills-popping as solution to our ill health. But that’s the problem. How many doctors are willing or skillful in that area? Well, fortunately for us, this doctor is!

And many of our life problems that cause our health to go downhill can, and should be dealt with, by resolving our relationship issues:

It is always easier to blame external factors for our health problems, but in reality, it is our selves that we have to conquer!

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