Self-directed learning – sparking joy in learning

When I first came across the term self-directed learning, when the professor who had researched it and taught it for over 30 years in his career, Prof. Confessor, had come to Malaysia more than 10 years ago, I remember feeling extremely excited about it, because everything that self-directed learning was about, we were PRACTISING them in our homeschooling! And the professor did acknowledge it that homeschoolers are fundamentally self-directed learners because they have been taught to self-direct their learning without anyone having to cajole or threaten them to! And that was an incredible boost to our conviction that the way we have been unschooling our kids fit snugly into the concept of self-directed learning.

And so, on this day, March 24th, We will be sharing about what self-directed learning is, and why it is a driving factor in the successful learning outcomes of homeschoolers in general, and how it can spark joy in learning, for any kid at any age, in any learning situations. And the even better thing is, you will get to see these self-directed learners in action too!

Music performances

There will be music performances from 11am to 12noon, and you will be able to tell that these are not the usual performers you see in music school concerts – there is an added factor: they are self-motivated students! Anyone of any age who would like to perform anything, can do so by writing in with your intention to

Writing Jam!

And we are excited to be holding our first teen-led writing jam for kids 10 years old and above. Time: 12noon to 1pm at the lobby area. This is run concurrently with the talk for parents, so book your spot early to avoid disappointment! Write in to

and if your kids are not interested in writing, they could go for the ………….

Art Jam!

Kids will be given pencil and paper (or they could bring their own) and draw away to their hearts content! This will also be led by a very young teenager who is passionate about drawing 🙂 so book your spot at

More things will be spontaneously planned as the day draws nearer, so make sure you MARK YOUR CALENDAR and be there on the 24th March.


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