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“CLUES” Music Video

Enjoy and share, Thank you

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The demise and resurrection of Play

When the simple act of physical play is virtually eradicated and replaced by digital devices, it is the start of the sad and abrupt demise of childhood. In this day and age, children have to be taught how to play! … Continue reading

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The painful process of passion-finding – stories of struggling teens.

Finding one’s passion can be a long and painful process, because it doesn’t just fall on your lap and be embraced in delightful ecstasy. You need to try and search and fail and get up and try again and fail … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Not Holistic? Views from Homeschooling Parents

Parents responds to “Homeschooling may not be holistic after all.” Responses by Haslinda Haslim and Joshua Kam to: Homeschooling: May not be Holistic After All   Respond by Haslinda Halim First and foremost, to be fair to homeschoolers, people with … Continue reading

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Learning is what you make of it

February had whizzed past and we are in mid March already! We started swimming sessions with coaching by Amrita and Samanta, who were in competitive swimming in their younger days. It is so good to see them working with the … Continue reading

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Awesome Unschoolers – Stories of awesome teens!

Teenager and unschooler, Amrita Soon, signs contract with producer Abraham Tee of Plan A Studio!

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Self-taught artists

My girls have always enjoyed art – drawing and doodling…. but the art classes I had signed them up in years ago weren’t that well received. In their words: “The teachers are too strict – they made us color a certain … Continue reading

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