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The Story of Sam in Sir Ken Robinson’s latest book: “Finding Your Element”!

Since Sir Ken Robinson’s highly successful bestseller The Element made such a great impact on parents and educators around the world, we have been great fans of his and have made regular references to his book in our talks. And … Continue reading

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How to Homeschool (Part 2)

Our approach We practise a child-led, interest-driven approach whereby the child is the path-finder and our role as parents is to help open the doors of knowledge by setting up scaffoldings to help the child manoevre along the obstacles-laden path … Continue reading

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Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day tends to remind me that Dad is no longer with me. It has been 5 years now when he left us on the first day of Chinese New Year, which was Amrita’s 12th birthday. An auspicious day to … Continue reading

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How to nurture confident children (full interview).

Have you ever had to deal with the problem of your children having issues of lack of self confidence or low self esteem? I have 3 kids aged: Amrita (17), Samanta (16) and Arian (9) and issues of a lack … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers’ Day

The toughest thing about being a mother is letting go…of the need to control, to decide, to conform…the toughest thing about being a daughter is also letting go…of our need to be right. to be different, to be “successful”….just let go … Continue reading

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Freedom in learning

It’s Tuesday morning. The sun is hot and intense. The children are playing in the cool shade under the tree. Wei (12) picks up a Chinese yoyo and starts to play with it. He is confident and adept at spinning … Continue reading

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Instead of school (Part 1)

  Instead of school, which is rigid and unchangeable, we can build a learning community which is flexible and changeable, to accommodate each child’s unique learning preference. Children do not need a lot in order to learn and to grow … Continue reading

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