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The Story of Sam in Sir Ken Robinson’s latest book: “Finding Your Element”!

Since Sir Ken Robinson’s highly successful bestseller The Element made such a great impact on parents and educators around the world, we have been great fans of his and have made regular references to his book in our talks. And … Continue reading

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Instead of school (Part 1)

  Instead of school, which is rigid and unchangeable, we can build a learning community which is flexible and changeable, to accommodate each child’s unique learning preference. Children do not need a lot in order to learn and to grow … Continue reading

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Project Dyslexie

This is interesting to follow. These guys are looking a different ways to address the challenges. I think it is a job well done and very much worth exploring. Check them out! [links and videos]

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The Story of Sam [updated]

Before Sam discovered street dancing, she was a very different girl.  There was a sense of internal restlessness – a feeling of deep dissatisfaction, as if, something was missing in her life. She was irritable, short-fused and often got into … Continue reading

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Learning & Living as a Community

Here are some thoughts by Wai Leng on learning with the community and how the community can and should get involved in the education of a child. Some of these thoughts are instrumental in driving our CLiC Project. Schools cannot … Continue reading

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Day 1 @ CLIC

It’s 8am and the alarm clock sounds – it’s our first day of “school”!

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A Video on Homeschooling

This is another interesting video on Homeschooling. Very well explained and articulated. Unfortunately, it;s in the US. It would be good if we could make a local one…. any takers? Anyway, here is the video from IMPACT:

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