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The Art of Doing Nothing

Why are parents so worried that their kids do nothing all day? It’s interesting to hear the various comments about homeschooling or unschooling, like, “Oh no, we can never do that because we cannot stand our kids doing nothing everyday!” … Continue reading

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David & Sook Ching on BFM today (Mar 11)

I was in the Studio when the interview was conducted. I felt it was a great interview. The questions were good, the responses was equally good.  Observing silently, I enjoyed myself. After more than 10 years and their sons now … Continue reading

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HOME’S KOOL 2009: What a Night!

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you who attended Saturday night’s HOME’S KOOL 2009. We were overwhelmed by your fantastic response and mesmerized by the children’s (and a Dad!) very talented performances which consisted of a … Continue reading

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Socialization Skills Can Be Taught at Home

We found this interesting article on Natural Moms Talk Radio.  You do not need to worry about socialization. Really! One of the concern that people have about home schooling is the socialization aspect. Will the children get to interact with … Continue reading

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You will survive!

If you ALMOST decided to homeschool and have cold feet, here’s something for you. Enjoy!

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Problem with Socialization?

The next time someone challenges you on the issue of socialization for homeschoolers, show them this picture. A picture speaks a thousand words….

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