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If you can’t homeschool…

If you can’t homeschool, No matter how much you believed in it, No matter how much you wanted to, Don’t despair!

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Parents Have the Right to Educate our Children

This is an (edited) email response to a reader who wrote in. We received many email of such nature and are very similar – some may be able to relate.  This person’s child is now in primary 2 of a … Continue reading

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The Darkside of Preschool

(Thank you Dominique for sharing the article: The Darkside of Preschool: Peers Social Skills & Stress) “Researchers found that the more time kids spent in non-maternal care during the first 4.5 years of life, the more behavioral problems they developed.” … Continue reading

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HOME’S KOOL 2009: What a Night!

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you who attended Saturday night’s HOME’S KOOL 2009. We were overwhelmed by your fantastic response and mesmerized by the children’s (and a Dad!) very talented performances which consisted of a … Continue reading

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Socialization Skills Can Be Taught at Home

We found this interesting article on Natural Moms Talk Radio.  You do not need to worry about socialization. Really! One of the concern that people have about home schooling is the socialization aspect. Will the children get to interact with … Continue reading

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Homeschooling, Self-Directed Learning & the Autonomous Learner (Report by Sloane Mak)

  Written by Sloane Mak.                 On  Dec. 8th  FamilyPlace organized a talk by Professor Emeritus Gary Confessore, (Ed.D) of the Higher Education Administration of George Washington University who was kind enough to take … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers Dinner Get-Together (Jan 10, 2009)

Registration CLOSED!  =========================================== HOMESCHOOLERS DINNER GET-TOGETHER January 10, 2009 is the day you won’t want to miss. The time has come for homeschoolers around the country to reaffirm homeschooling as a legitimate lifestyle choice for living and learning. Let’s come … Continue reading

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