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The painful process of passion-finding – stories of struggling teens.

Finding one’s passion can be a long and painful process, because it doesn’t just fall on your lap and be embraced in delightful ecstasy. You need to try and search and fail and get up and try again and fail … Continue reading

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The Story of Sam in Sir Ken Robinson’s latest book: “Finding Your Element”!

Since Sir Ken Robinson’s highly successful bestseller The Element made such a great impact on parents and educators around the world, we have been great fans of his and have made regular references to his book in our talks. And … Continue reading

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Teach students, not subjects

Learning Beyond Schooling to us is not just getting out of the school building. It is about taking a totally different mindset to a shift in paradigm. Learning beyond schooling is a process (learning process even) to redefine the whole … Continue reading

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Ken Robinson On The Principles Of Creative Leadership

We have ways been fans of Sir Ken Robinson and we like article that articulates the value of creativity to the next level. What’s in our minds is how, in our home and learning environment nurture creativity in view of … Continue reading

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Sir Ken Robinson on HS, Unschooling and Public Education

This an interesting video. Glad to know that he is a fan of homeschooling.  It is also nice to see how he attempts to bridge the different approaches.

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A Brilliant and Delightful Video

Again, Sir Ken Robinson continues to inspire us – this time in animation.

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The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

If you have not got enough of Sir Ken Robinson, this is a MUST BUY book.

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