In Pursuit of Passion

Learning to play a musical instrument takes years for many to master, but it need not be a drudgery if one dwells into it with the right motivations – to understand oneself better and to express it with creativity and sensitivity – music notes are merely notes if played with the absence of feelings. In the learning process, not only will one gain mastery of the instrument, one shall also gain mastery of the self!

And this is evident every time we have a music performance event for the kids – the girls come in their best dresses and the boys in smart shirts and long pants. The anticipation was running high and their enthusiasm was clearly noticeable in their piano-playing! One by one, they each came up to perform three pieces – from elementary studies to Japanese anime soundtracks, from Richard Clayderman to Bach and Beethoven!


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Art Grabbed!

At a blink of the eye, we have come halfway through the year, and the month of June seems to be the busiest one for our family as well as our Clic family!

Starting with our participation at “Art for Grabs” held at The School @Jaya One, which had the parents and children busily creating art and crafts together several weeks prior to the event. Their excitement was hard to contain – ideas kept pouring in and they wanted to make EVERYTHING!!! But we had to draw the line at the final day of consolidating all the items for sale. And they did have a lot to sell! Our worry was not the lack of art items for sale but rather, how are the little kids going to sell them all amidst so many other adult-manned stalls at the art bazaar?


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How independent are your kids in learning?

Definitions of independent learners (the ideal):

personalized education

The Advantages:

1. Inspired to Learn

2. Intrinsically-Motivated to
Make a Change

3. The COURAGE to take the road less travelled.

WHY should we nurture more independent learners?


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This crazy thing called “Unschooling”

I was asked recently why I chose to unschool my kids and here’s my answer (an extended version):

It’s NOT because the school system sucks – it’s a system, and systems deal with stuffs. And people too, apparently. But people are not robots. Students are not stuffs to be systematized.

I don’t put my kids through any system. I let them be their natural selves, and children naturally want to learn by examining, exploring and experimenting. You don’t need to push them to be curious about the world around them. You don’t need to push them to learn.

Through physical and imaginary play – a normal childhood activity that is getting to be extinct now – children learn the workings of the world. Really!


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Why we should be inspiring learners rather than pushing for results!

If you feel that the current education is failing children badly in the academic and morality aspects, you might want to do something positive and proactive about it. Complaining and lamenting get you nowhere.

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Success on the ice for 2 young homeschoolers!

Congratulations to Zhang En & Zhang Hui for your winning efforts in the recent ice-skating competition! Wai Leng speaks to the two young skaters and their mum.

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Saved by unschooling!

Here’s another unschooling story with a happy ending from a mother who truly believes in her son!

When we first decided to homeschool Greg, it was a very scary time for us parents as we didn’t know what to expect; and quite frankly, didn’t know how we were going to homeschool him. But we knew we had to do something because Greg was getting so upset and unhappy about going to school.

He started having night terrors every night, crying out for help, repeating that he is dying. In the mornings, there was tears and talks about wanting to die as we walked to school. In the afternoons, great big heart-wrenching tears will spill from his eyes again as he spotted me standing outside the classroom.


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