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The End of College

– Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere – by Kevin Carey This is the kind of book I wish I could have written! Nevertheless when I came across it at a bookshop not long ago, I … Continue reading

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Amrita Soon – from clueless teen to singer-songwriter

Like most little girls, all Amrita had wanted to be was a ballerina. Together with her younger sister Sam, they sang and danced all day and everyday and that was very much their childhood. One day, little Sam declared that … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Not Holistic?

A response to “Homeschooling may not be holistic after all.” The Rakyat Post put up 2 articles: Homeschooling: A Good Alternative and Homeschooling: May not be Holistic After All. Here’s our response to the second article – Homeschooling: may not … Continue reading

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Reclaim, Rejoice, Resolve for 2014!

It’s been another good year for us, and we are grateful for the another year of making new friends and strengthening existing ones, and doing various fun activities together as an unschooling community! This year was truly a year of … Continue reading

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The Story of Sam in Sir Ken Robinson’s latest book: “Finding Your Element”!

Since Sir Ken Robinson’s highly successful bestseller The Element made such a great impact on parents and educators around the world, we have been great fans of his and have made regular references to his book in our talks. And … Continue reading

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How to Homeschool (Part 2)

Our approach We practise a child-led, interest-driven approach whereby the child is the path-finder and our role as parents is to help open the doors of knowledge by setting up scaffoldings to help the child manoevre along the obstacles-laden path … Continue reading

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Instead of school (Part 1)

  Instead of school, which is rigid and unchangeable, we can build a learning community which is flexible and changeable, to accommodate each child’s unique learning preference. Children do not need a lot in order to learn and to grow … Continue reading

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