Music Marathon for “Healing Through Music”

Music Marathon was conceived as a private initiative by Md Chong Wai Leng, a music teacher, to help with another fund-raiser by the Hotels Association – Healing Through Music – to raise funds for 3 charities:

1. Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of University Malaya Medical Center

2. Food Aid Foundation

3. Saluting Her Endeavour (S.H.E.)

How it worked:

1. People pledged to perform on July 1st at Music Marathon 2018

2. By Purchasing the charity tickets at rm15 per ticket or rm150 per booklet (at the event)

3. People coming to watch the performances also purchased tickets, 100% goes to the “Healing Through Music” charity fund-raiser.

There were 30 sign-ups to perform on that day, and the Steinway & Sons piano showroom at Bentley Music was a full-house! The event started at 2 sharp with the first group of performers playing from 2-3pm, followed by the second group playing from 3-4pm, and the final group from 4-5pm. The ages ranged from 6 years of age to 39, with a varied repertoire, from Bach to Beethoven and Animenz to Yiruma! Most of them were piano performers except for some who played the guitar, a German lyre, a keyboardist, a violinist, and a few singers who sang beautifully!

At the end of the day, everyone was positively happy to have performed at the acoustically lovely Steinway & Sons showroom, on an exquisite Essex grand piano, and most of all, to be doing a good deed in helping raise funds for a meaningful cause! And the tickets could be used on the big charity event on July 8th at Holliday Villa, Subang Jaya for food and games, and lucky draws! Total ticket sales of Music Marathon was: rm1575! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved, and especially to BENTLEY MUSIC and STEINWAY & SONS MALAYSIA! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Lets do this again next year!!!

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Selamat Hari Raya aidilfitri!

We would like to wish all our Muslim friends a very blessed Raya celebration and happy holidays to everyone!!!

Here’s Suasana Hari Raya for you from Amrita Soon :))

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Music Marathon: “Healing Through Music” For Charity (July 1, 2018)

34411909_10156424156233851_5879623607600021504_n (1)

“Music Marathon” is an initiative by music students in support of “Music Through Healing” charity in aid of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, University Malaya Medical Center, Food Aid Foundation and Saluting Her Endeavour. Anyone interested to perform can sign up with us at by 28th June 2018 and register to perform on July 1st at the BENTLEY Music showroom (3rd floor) from 1pm.
Performances start from 2pm and ends at 5pm. Each performer pledges to raise funds for the charity by selling tickets for the “Music through Healing” charity. Tickets are available at the Music Marathon registration counter on July 1st for collection.

A BIG THANK YOU to Bentley Music and Steinway and Sons, Malaysia for being our venue and piano sponsors!

Poster designed and drawn by Hannah Lim, edited by Amrita Soon.

To donate for your tickets, please pay HERE (each ticket if RM15.00)

To confirm your attendance, please click HERE

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How to “discipline” our kids

On the topic of discipline, I have much to say. It is a terribly misunderstood word. People often think that to instil discipline is to enforce schedule and structure into our children’s lives. That it ought to be enforced externally to reach internally. But I beg to differ. It should come from within – as natural as the rising and setting of the sun, the rising and ebbing of the tides, the rising and falling of our breaths…….these you cannot control with a machine. These you cannot control and manipulate like a factory assembly-line. These, you have to embrace with quiet mindfulness, with focused awareness, with an internal will to watch and observe. Otherwise, they go past us, unawares, just like that.

I know I will get stunned looks of disapprovals from parents and teachers out there. But please stay with me for a bit longer and we shall dwell further on this. Stop and think back on those times your child is so deeply connected with what he or she is doing, that she wakes up early and gets started on his or her project for hours on end. Well, this is discipline through passion. And this comes from within them and not from outside pressure at all.

I remember my second child who had always been a late riser since young, surprised us with her early wake-ups for training when she joined competitive swimming. No need for alarm clocks or long spades to get her out of bed! Because she was passionate about swimming and hence the internal drive to wake up early for the gruelling training. And today, she is a dance-fitness instructor, a freelance dancer and choreographer, and she is working towards becoming a music artiste and music producer one day. She can work for days on end without much rest and she absolutely loves it! Because what drives her is her passion, not externally imposed schedules!

So, what should our children do with all the time in their hands? We ought to ask ourselves: what do WE do with our time? Do we do pages and pages of homework, or study chapters and chapters from textbooks? What drives us to fill our time with the things that we enjoy doing, the things that make us feel whole and alive? When your child is given space and time to discover the things that he or she enjoys doing, that will be the reasons they wake up early in the morning to do. That will be the driving force for them to look forward to another day of experimentations and explorations that can go on for hours and hours. I call that energy discipline.

And why must house chores and everything else be any different? From brushing our teeth to doing our laundry, they are all done through years of habit, with the understanding that these habits are good for us. And so we develop discipline in performing these tasks, and they eventually become second nature!When we view them as part and parcel of life, we and “them” are ONE, and not separate. Only then can a sense of harmony prevail….I have rarely nagged my children about house chores. Not that they always remember to do them, but because I know they will eventually learn that if they do not do them, the consequences will impact their health and daily lives. We need to trust our children to figure things out for themselves and to persevere even when the going gets tough. That, is discipline. It comes with understanding, right motivation and perseverance.

We can learn from the Japanese on how children are fully trusted to figure things out on their own, and taking on self-responsibility to the highest levels. At an early age, as early as 5 or 6 years old, they are tasked at walking to school on their own, without adult supervision. In most countries, this is deemed an act of parental negligence! But in Japan, this is their culture.

And when schools adopt this trust and respect for children, like the school in this video, the children embrace personal responsibility as well as group responsibility, which re-enforce their purpose and discipline. This is just so amazing – from growing and farming their foods to having them cooked in their school kitchen and partaking of the food with respect and gratitude. And they do not stop there – leftover scraps are put back into the soil as compost – completing the food cycle!

In short, discipline is about UNDERSTANDING why we do things, and learning HOW we can train ourselves to be better by setting MEANINGFUL TARGETS and working towards achieving them.

And how can parents help their children be more disciplined? Well, I personally feel that we as parents can lead by example. If we lead purposeful and driven lives ourselves, our children will follow suit. But the reverse is also true. Our children’s natural drive to pursue their passions can inspire their parents to be more disciplined! Which is actually my case😝 My 14-year-old son has, over the past one year or so, been actualising his passion for writing. He gave himself writing targets and daily writing schedules. He does his research on writing and invested in writing books and workshops. This kind of discipline did not come from me😅 On the contrary, he has inspired me to buck up in my writings and spurred me to be more disciplined in this area! He is also a talented pianist. When he was younger, he played the piano sporadically, but when he was about 11 years of age, he started to be more serious with his practice regiment and put in his daily practice without being told. Now people might say that this is because his mom is a piano teacher, but I must reveal here that I have never nagged him about his practising ever. It is his own initiative. And it’s the same with my other students. They eventually develop self-discipline because they want to improve, not because teacher tells them so!

So, be extremely SUPPORTIVE of their endeavours. ASK questions about their passions. LISTEN to their problems and be empathetic. This is all we need to do as parents!

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Time to innovate, Malaysia!

The euphoria of having a new government is real, but along with it, the realisation of the sorry state of our country is in, is devastating. We need to rebuild the country almost from scratch. Tun Mahathir and his team has an abominable task ahead of them! This feeling is probably similar to what the late Lee Kuan Yew had felt when he was “kicked out” of Malaysia:

“Never had I expected that in 1965 at 42, I would be in charge of an independent Singapore, responsible for the lives of its 2 million people……All of a sudden, on 9 August 1965, we were out on our own as an independent nation…..we were sickened by the greed, corruption and decadence of many Asian leaders. Fighters for freedom for their oppressed peoples had become plunderers of their wealth. Their societies slid backwards…..”

Tun Mahathir could be writing in his memoir along similar lines: “Never had I expected that in 2018 at 92, I would be Prime Minister of Malaysia again……….I am greatly sickened by the overwhelming greed that had taken-over the previous government…”

So Malaysia has a tough ride ahead. First and foremost, our new government has to fix our much-battered economy which has plunged our nations debt into the trillion mark! Secondly, we have to fix our broken education system which also has plunged to near bottom of world rankings. Fortunately, our citizens morale is high – high with renewed hope and renewed dreams for a better Malaysia! And to this end, and with this spirit, I believe we can achieve the impossible! The key lies in the INNOVIZATION (innovation + revitalization) of our nation, and we need to start by innovating how we educate our young!

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New Hope, New Malaysia!

We are still pinching ourselves to see if it was all merely a dream, the GE14 affair that rocked the whole nation and shocked the whole world! But it was indeed a dream come true for millions of Malaysians who had yearned for a FAIR and CLEAN government that we all deserve, although right up to Election Day, no one knew for sure how it would turn out – not the journalists, not the politicians, and not the millions of voters who had turned out in droves, from various parts of the country, and from various parts of the world, despite all the odds stacked against them, by the previous government that had feared the power of the voters!

Political analyst I am not. But I see a very close relationship between national politics and leadership, and the family. Here are my observations in that light:

Right partnerships

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Transactional analysis for better relationships

transactional analysis


1 a system of popular psychology based on the idea that one’s behaviour and social relationships reflect an interchange between parental (critical and nurturing), adult (rational), and childlike (intuitive and dependent) aspects of personality established early in life.

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