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New Hope, New Malaysia!

We are still pinching ourselves to see if it was all merely a dream, the GE14 affair that rocked the whole nation and shocked the whole world! But it was indeed a dream come true for millions of Malaysians who … Continue reading

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The End of College

– Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere – by Kevin Carey This is the kind of book I wish I could have written! Nevertheless when I came across it at a bookshop not long ago, I … Continue reading

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When Passion drives Learning & Creativity

  According to Ken Robinson in his book “Finding Your Element – How to Discover Your Talents & Passions and Transform Your Life”, passion is…. “…a deep personal attraction to something – a strong affinity or enthusiasm that can lead … Continue reading


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In Pursuit of Passion

Learning to play a musical instrument takes years for many to master, but it need not be a drudgery if one dwells into it with the right motivations – to understand oneself better and to express it with creativity and … Continue reading

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Amrita Soon – from clueless teen to singer-songwriter

Like most little girls, all Amrita had wanted to be was a ballerina. Together with her younger sister Sam, they sang and danced all day and everyday and that was very much their childhood. One day, little Sam declared that … Continue reading

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The painful process of passion-finding – stories of struggling teens.

Finding one’s passion can be a long and painful process, because it doesn’t just fall on your lap and be embraced in delightful ecstasy. You need to try and search and fail and get up and try again and fail … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Not Holistic?

A response to “Homeschooling may not be holistic after all.” The Rakyat Post put up 2 articles: Homeschooling: A Good Alternative and Homeschooling: May not be Holistic After All. Here’s our response to the second article – Homeschooling: may not … Continue reading

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Adding Meaning to CNY celebrations

  The Chinese New Year greeting, Gongxi Facai (“Wishing You lots of Wealth!) is so overtly money-centered, as with a lot of aspects of the celebration that I prefer to teach our kids to say “Xin nien kuai le” (New … Continue reading

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Learning Without Schooling: 3rd Week of January 2014

It’s been another hectic week loaded with activities! Not that we intentionally want to fill up our days, but somehow things just fill themselves in! So here is another recap of what transpired this week: Ice- skating party! Tuesday, 21st … Continue reading

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Amrita’s FIRST professional song

Dear Friends, Happy New Year to you and your family! I am happy to announce that Amrita’s first professionally recorded song will be released on February 25th, 2014!  Her song entitled “Goodbye” was written exclusively for Rock for Ronan – … Continue reading

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