The Future of Work

One of things we constantly think about what’s the future of work. In other words, what will our children be? Will they even get a job if they are homeschooled?  What will work be like in the future? As our world evolves, many ways of thinking will  change as well.  Predicting the future and helping them along is actually a very though job, that’s why most people outsource them – to schools.

Yes, there will still be conventional jobs – as someone will still have to make stuff.  Children today can still go through “standard” education system to be churned out as a “worker” for the economy. The real challenge is how are we going to prepare our child for this future where jobs will be redefined?  Will they be behind and backwards when things start to move ahead in a different manner? Will they be able to define their role in society, is it necessary to define a role? In the education perspective, how do we teach our children learn how to learn?

We believe Learning Beyond Schooling is to think through and talk about this matters. Preparing our children for the future. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “Are we Helping Our Children to be happy?”.

Much have been written about the future of work. I would like to share the followng resource with you to make us think:

a. The Future of Work (TIME) – Link Here

b. The Future of Work (Thomas Malone) – Link here

c. The Future of Work (Business Week) – Link here

Much more if ou go ask Mr Google

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