Where have we been…

Some might be wondering whywe have been quiet.  Despite holding several homeschoolers’ meetings, we are now exploring new aspects of homeschooling – structured learning (as structured as we could do it). If you have been following us Facebook, you would have gotten some idea.

On Saturdays over the last 2 months, we have been conducted science and maths classes. Following the American syllabus guidelines and pulling resources from books and interactive materials over the internet, we have been conducting “classes” for a group of homeschoolers between ages 11-13. It is still experimental and it has taken a lot of our time – usually the three days before saturdays, we begin pulling resources together. Tedious but absolutely interesting!  Wai Leng posted this article at the start of our program.

Before some people think we are starting a school, we are NOT! It is a sort of a cooperative learning environment where parents share resources and expertise and the experience is very personal and self directed. As we progress the other parents will be chipping in to share. It is interesting experience and it extends beyond learning. The last weekend, the kids played basketball together and later went to watch Transformers II together.

This is something we encourage homeschoolers to do together, especially if you are staying in the same area. There can also be several groups in on area.  We will be glad to share our experience with you, do write to us.

Responding to e-mails

We must apologize for not responding to the many emails that came, in especially on the basics and beginnings of homeschooling. We may take sometime to get back to you and advise you to read our website as well as other sites suchas David’s Homeschool Home Frontier for an understanding to respond to basic questions. Also, do join our dialogues, talks and tea gathering as we announce them.  You can also follow us via Twitter and Facebook, click here to find out more.

We will also be sharing over the next couple of weeks, our thoughts on the bigger picture of homeschooling.

Thank you for reading and keep in touch.

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1 Response to Where have we been…

  1. Ang Chai Sing says:

    I am a qualified teacher with BSc Ed(Hons.) with English background and I would to homeschool my daughter. I would be grateful if I can join the community and if I can provide my service to the community about homeschooling.

    I am very worry about the school education system in Malaysia (which is going to be in bahasa Melayu) I have no choice but to homeschool my daughter to look after her future.


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