How to expose kids to music?

First, have lots of music at home: sing, play, dance! Take the family to concerts: classical, pop, rock, country, cultural, etc…

See which ones they choose to like. Amrita taught herself the acoustic guitar, Sam is learning electric guitar from an online tutorial, and Arian is tinkles on the piano everyday (his current fav is Bach’s Minuet in G).

While you are at it, please look at Arian’s “passion” at the moment, click on and help him win

or enjoy some music below

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3 Responses to How to expose kids to music?

  1. Nurzuhaila Jamaludin says:

    love this….
    go girls….

  2. SIn Dee says:

    hi, may i know how old is Arian now? 🙂
    My 6yr old Jo Von is tinkling on the piano everyday and almost every hour too. She doesnt like to taught on the notes….but slowly i guess the piano teacher will expose her to that. But she seems to listen and play on almost all songs that she is thinks are sweet. 🙂

    • LearningBeyondSchooling says:

      Arian is 6 going on 7 in August….. he has excellent memory, which I think most kids do before the TV kicks in ;-(

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