Dyslexia is a gift, not a curse!

Dyslexia is a gift, not a curse!

If you still haven’t heard of dyslexia, you must be living in Mars! Because more and more children are diagnosed with this condition in the 21st century!

What is dyslexia? It is a condition of the mind that makes reading and writing difficult. Why? Because the printed words appear to float, jump or jumbled up to the eyes of dyslexics! Imagine yourself trying to read that way! It would give you a headache, wouldn’t it? And this is why people with dyslexia often complain of headaches or giddiness.


But please do not view this as a disability – it’s a gift! How many people can actually see what you see? In the past, it may be true because everything was the Word. If one could not read or write, one’s future would be bleak indeed. But look at what we have today: Computers! They do amazing things for us, such as SpellChecks! (we don’t have to struggle with spellings anymore!), voice activated commands (they can write and send emails for us – all we have to do is talk into them!), audio texts – have the computer or mobile devise read the texts to us! The technologies are here for us to use. Do not fear them. Do not condemn them. Just use them!

Ever wondered why so many kids are having this condition now? Well. I believe it’s because this is their world! The future has come and these are the geniuses of the future! How many of us, as adults, are using our hands to hold a pencil to hand-write something these days? I was wondering about this, and you know what? Unless you are a school teacher teaching in a traditional school, chances are, you would hardly be doing that! Even doctors use the computer keyboards nowadays (to the great relief of the nurses and medicine-dispensers, I’m sure!) Hand-writing is going to be obsolete soon. The only institution that is still holding on to it are the schools. Which explains why so many kids are suffering in there!

Why struggle your whole life trying to do something that does not come naturally to you, that leaves you feeling frustrated and on the brink of giving up on yourself? Why not focus on the things that you can do naturally – like visual arts & performing arts (fine arts, cartooning, film-making etc), sports and martial arts, dancing & choreography, singing & performing, etc etc….

Too many people are trying to FIX it rather than to WORK with it. Fixing something implies that it is broken. But if we see it as gift, we work with this gift and turn it into something amazing!

You are not a broken vase. You are a gift to the world!

And with this mindset, the world is yours to conquer!

Let’s give a shout out to all the gifted dyslexics out there!

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1 Response to Dyslexia is a gift, not a curse!

  1. lydia says:

    Yeah! Very well said!

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