From hobby to money!

Well, it has been more than a week since Sam discovered the art of making marshmallows from YouTube. After causing a sugar explosion in my kitchen and getting an earful from me, Sam has changed her ways. Now, she has taken her marshmallow production to the next level – from hobby to money!

The hours she spent experimenting in the kitchen has resulted in a product that is gummy and yummy! This yummy gummy now comes in three flavours: original, strawberry and chocolate. She gave free samples to her friends and came back with orders from them. She even won her boss over with her soft yummy candy that he has agreed to have her product sold at his Yoghurt Bar outlet with his Yoghurt Bar branding! Way to go, Sam!

This is made possible because of one thing – the power of imagination through PLAY. She said that this was what she had always wanted to do when she was younger – to make something to sell! Another strong case for advocating imaginative play in children.

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

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1 Response to From hobby to money!

  1. Kevin Low says:

    Sugar explosion???? what happened and how do it happen?

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