The Power of Play & Community in Learning

Painting the gate yellow.

It all began with a question – Can we start something small and intimate, loving and inclusive, happy and positive for our children to learn and to grow and to have friends to play with, that does not get put into a box to be labelled or controlled or manipulated, and that does not cost a big hole in our bank accounts?

Then that led to a visualization – a group of parents coming together as a community to have their children learn and play together in an environment of love and respect, caring and sharing, giving and forgiving, happiness and freedom……….

We threw the idea out, got some interested parents, tried out different approaches, threw out some of them, and kept those that we were most happy with, and got this!

2012 – Cleaning our new home to CLiC!



Playing during one of our many parties throughout the years.


Hop scotch anyone?


At the Singapore Maker Fair 2015


In the classroom (yes we do have one!)


Parents’ training session – Future Problem-Solving program.


“Postcards to Refugees” session.


CLIC holiday camp 2016

Party time (again)!


Our syllabus: from newborn to 12 years old: play play play.
From 13-17: play some more.
From 18-20’s & beyond: play professionally & make money! 😂

After 15 years of unschooling, from our early years with our pioneering group (2002-2009) to our present CLiC community (2010 onwards), our “graduates” are faring pretty well in their young lives. Some went on to colleges overseas. Some ventured into their various passions: car-building & racing, songwriting & performing, dancing & coaching, cake-designing & instructing, sound-engineering & lecturing…..a few of them have even gotten happily married and engaged! We are so loving this journey as a community of unlearners!

Amrita & her dad, and Jian Eu were featured in the business section of The Edge, 2016.


Samanta and her Red Lycans crew won the championship in the Astro Battleground 2016!


We would like to thank each and every one of you for making our CLiC adventure a happy and successful one! Without your trust, your conviction to unschooling and your commitment in making it work for your children and the rest of the unschooling community, this will never have been possible.

Here’s to more interest-led, self-directed and collaborative learning together as one big, happy and growing community! If you can’t find one, join one, or better still, create your own community! All you need is 1 or 2 more like-minded families, and start small. Small is beautiful.

All the best! Happy Learning & Unlearning together!

Here’s wishing all our readers a very Happy 2017!

Our 25th anniversary surprise party thrown by the whole unschooling community!


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