New Group for Special Learning Needs

Since our last seminar in April, we started an online group for the homeschooling of special needs children.  If you like to join, please check out the link below:

Google Groups
Visit this group
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6 Responses to New Group for Special Learning Needs

  1. jean lee says:

    I am handicapped what to do with my 3rd son, 49XXXXY,althrough I am able to get help once a wk, but I really hope that I can get more help.
    Now my child is making sound, tried to learn things with his brothers,plus he is able to stand, but unwilling to use equipment to help him to walk, instead he crawl anywhere as he wish.
    I hope to teach him how to speak and discipline him how to eat properly, right behaviour . But things do not turn up easily as what I want.
    Plus, I am tighten with my 4th son, 8mths, sometimes
    my 2 elder brother fight and playing., not only I have to cook and do housechores.
    In my heart felt pain, whenever I see him, as I am tired and stressed.
    I really hope that I can get parent to share with me how they do with their child?

    • soonkv says:

      Hi, I am sorry to hear about your son, I understand his condition is very rare. Unfortunately I do notunderstand enough to help you fully except toask you to get in touch with parents and support groups online and in person. I have googgled some site and some are very interesting sites with some amazing success stories, I assume you are already aware of most of them. Let me know if you don’t.

      It would help if you manage your stress levels and have someone to talk to. We can share some approaches with you. Please email us at .

    • soonkv says:

      I also like to say that, everyone has a potential and do not give up looking for it. Stay strong!

  2. fauziah says:


    i have 3 kids. the oldest is 5 & have autism. i have 2 other younger daughter, age 3 & age 9 months. i suspect some mild speech delay for my daughter. anyway, i’ve started teaching her informally, which is easier than teaching my son who has autism.

    my point here is i wanted to start homeschooling and i think this will be the best option for all my kids.

    but i need to get as much information and knowledge as possible. can i know how to really get started ?

  3. suzane says:

    Is there a home schooling programme for speacial children like dyspraxia?

  4. suzane says:

    Do youn have any home schooling programme to follow for form one student ? ( for learning disability children)

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