Can we accept our children for who they are?

… and help them grow from there.

Would we prefer to just force them to be what we (or in most cases other people/society) want them to be?

Here’s a question…. how do we see children who cannot seem to learn the same way we do or seem to have difficulty learning in conventional ways, like in school?

For most cases, the teachers would label them as “lazy”, “not putting enough effort” or “playful in class”?  How would you handle it?

What about more serious conditions? Would you label them as children with “learning disabilities” and send to different centers, treatments and let the experts handle them?

Perhaps the harder thing to do is  acknowledge them as geniuses in their own way.  This means, truly appreciate our children for who they are, and the potential they could achieve. This also means allowing them to explore and pursue their passion in what they feel good about – not just others say.

As difficult as it may be, to truly help our children grow and be happy is to acknowledge the fact that not everyone learns the same way, or necessarily learn the same things or even at the same time.

So, do you accept our children for who they are or shall we just let the school dictate their future.

Your choice.

Or would you prefer to take charge.

What will it be?

Start thinking…..about bringing out the best in our children. Yes, you will have lots of fun along the way – if you allow yourselves.

Accept you children for what they are, help them be what they can be….. and beyond that.

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3 Responses to Can we accept our children for who they are?

  1. Shalom says:

    What is your advice for parents who find out that their child is autistic? I met a couple with an autistic child who refused to admit it and the child is suffering so badly in school and being labelled those things mentioned here.

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